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Take advantage of the power and capabilities of the on-line social networking sites to promote your videos. Being presence on many social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will allow you to share and promote your video marketing.

YouTube provide free video hosting for your business.  I can help you create professional looking short video advertising without the high cost.  I am particularly interested to create short (2 - 10 minutes) business introduction videos. 

I use professional Canon DSLR, with professional lighting and microphone.  Prices start from just £250/recording & editing. All my videos are edited using Adobe Premiere to achieve professional look. I can also assist you to incorporate your videos into your own company’s website or blog.

Below you can view an example of short video I recently created. This was a rather challenging project for me as I had to video myself doing some cooking in my own kitchen.  I am confident that I can produce spectacular videos for you where I don't have to concentrate on other things either than my video equipment. :-)

If you need affordable video production services, please don't hesitate to contact me.